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Blessed are the man and the woman who have grown beyond their

greed and have put an end to their hatred and no longer nourish

illusions. But they delight in the way things are and keep their

hearts open, day and night. They are like trees planted near flowing

rivers, which bear fruit when they are ready. Their leaves will not

fall or wither; everything they do will succeed. ~ Psalm 1


She spit mud which landed –

On his spear

He aimed and she was nearly dead

Behind his shield he stood and wept

His heart was hiding

In her mess of 4 long years of words and love

And long, long nights of building this


It is not finished but it is done

And weeping falls on tear baked mud


Lay down and I will climb between

Your shield, your heart and it is real

This story we have made of us

A long cold walk to where the road

Is edged by trees and ancient growth


Lay down and I will climb between

My other days, my other fears

I will cover where we meet

With fur of bear and antelope


A dying starts to sing a song

A song that prays for safer days

And she will keep his corners warm

And he will never walk away

And she will never be the same


I felt you shrink into a bird

Inside my trembling, frightened hands

You can fly; I know you can

And I can wait and turn my face

Until we find our way again..


Catherine MacAdam




Shallow shore that follows me

As I touch its foam

Like a tender new love kiss

That stays and waits for more

Water brushes earth and skin

And I brush what I say

The softest sound is whispered here

The softest touch is evergreen

Time gives gifts that drift astray

Randomly it seems

And who can say what length of days

Is true and just while angels play

And watch us strive and dream of things

That may or may not stay

Throw a stone and throw one more

And watch the ripples calling

All that matters in a home

Is love and trust and planting faith

A home of love

A home of prayer

Where people come to safely be

And all the windows look both ways

And kindness at the door

Let us build this house I pray

And I will come

And I will stay…

Catherine MacAdam


raining trees

Its kind of curious what we do.

What I do – what we do

Did you ever think of that

Or do you try to never think

Between my bones are stones that grow

Old stones and new stones

I throw my stones across the sea

They are looking for a home for me

The trees are full of birds and rain

And underneath the car a kitten sleeps

Winter is this water dream

That soaks the trees and cleanses me

Who did not eat today – who had no food

Who did not eat today – who had too much

And as for me – I over ate

I often do

Charity is missing clues

And clues are underneath the moon

A blue and scathing winter moon

Dont say a word

Dont catch a single thing

Removal of the openings

I contemplate the muddy streams

Between the street and you and me

I will try and so will you and I will help you try

I know tonight that we will fail

And maybe every night to come

But one day we may suddenly

Remember what we needed now

And it will be too late or it will be okay

Underneath the raining trees

I catch the rain and close my coat

I keep my promises inside

And wait and wait and wait for Spring

Reading in between the lines

Spring is not a certainty

And yet I wait inside my coat

Underneath the raining trees.

I wait for you and pray for Spring

Catherine MacAdam

Morning feet

Morning Walking

I pull my
socks like mitts

Over clean rows

of morning feet
I pull my
socks over all that comes
The road is hard

My socks
are soft

I pull them tight
Up around my strength

To keep it warm and ready
For the day
I pull my socks

And find no
holes and

pull them tight
I find a place to
touch my feet

Against the ground

The floor beneath my socks

I find a place to
stand in socks

And walk in socks
my feet and what

The day has
warned and sneaked

I pull my socks around
My feet I find my ground
I move my feet

Catherine MacAdam