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Vegetable soup

Eat your vegetables

Written on my forehead

Written on my mirror too

Eat your vegetables

Try and do what’s good for you…

I like my tomatoes with mayonnaise – lots of it

With salt and pepper on toasted bread

An avocado for dessert

A whole one – I eat it slowly with a spoon

Good for me and good for you…

Full of nuts and vineyard fruit –

On my forehead peeling truth

Vegetables are good for you

Pulling out the chocolate

Melting for the final time – or maybe not

I am getting good at this

Eating what is bad for me

Serving what is good for you

I am eating chocolate

And dipping vegetables for you

Once again the miAbstract Body Photography Jes dancerror claims

Her bowl of bruised and spoiled fruit

Choosing what is good for you

But not for me…

Sticky words and bitter truth

What is good for you is poisoning my appetite

As I drink the vacant juice you left beside your dirty plate

And as I clean and scrape and grate

My forehead words into a soup

Of lies, of poison and of you


Catherine MacAdam

Image Source: Abstract Body Photography Jes dance


Screen dppr

The wind slides through

My torn screen door

Hanging on

The bugs creep in

The flies come home

Sometimes I can hear them moan

The long slow death of a filter queen

Sounds a bit like a mating scream

Sounds so tempting

But not so clean

Come on in right through the screen

Take my hand and then take me

I saw an angel in the street

She lay among the flies and oil

I took and washed her sockless feet

And then I watched her turn to me

Her back was open

Torn it seemed

The wind came through

Her moaning back

Torn and formless

As they screamed

The flies and bugs

Gave thanks to me


Catherine MacAdam

Image Source: Marta Syrko, Musetouch.